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Meet - Jerome

Single 49 Nothing comes easy..but I can hold unto what I'll got..

Interest & Hobbies: Swimming, sports and travelling.

I can be reached by: Email

Meet - Kavian

Single 59 Mature male, medium build, bald light skin. Restaurant and Bar Manager interested in meeting women.

Hobbies & Interest: Walking

I can be reached by:  WhatsApp & Email 

Meet - Daniel

Divorced 41 interested in meeting women. Honest guy, easy going and loves to laugh. There's humor in everything. Looking to meet new people and see where it goes.

Interest & Hobbies: Guitar, finish carpentry, gaming, gym, beach and music.

I can be reached by: Email


Meet - Cristobal

How would describe yourself? I'm 50 and Athletic.

Interest: include singing and playing the guitar

I can be reached via email


Meet - Aaron

 I am 52. Just looking for a friend. Has to start there

My interests
  I can be reached via email or on WhatsApp 


Meet - Lawrence

How would you describe yourself? I'm 53, easy to go along with, i like to talk about topics of the day, i'm 5ft 6, médium build, and I'm very interested in finding like minded people. Lets me and chat, see if we have things in common.

Interest: Cycling, swimming, walking on the beach

I can be reached via email.


Meet - JaVaughn

I’m 43 years old  Athletic
Hard working
Good with hands
Love to laugh
Love kids 

My interests Weightlifting, gardening and fishing Contact me!

Meet - Roberto


I’m 48 Married   5' 10 medium 147lbs interested in meeting new people.My interests 

cycling and swimming 

I can be reached via email.


Meet - Richard

 I’m 48 6ft tall about 165 lbs slim built. I enjoy socializing in my free time. I love to visit new places and countries when time permits. Other than that I am watching sports on TV. 

Hobbies & Interests:  Outdoor walking, travelling 

Let's chat!

Meet - Thomas

I'm 58 and divorced for quite some time. I came to Bermuda to work and hopefully have some fun. 

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My interests  Anything outdoors, music, cooking, stargazing. Golfing. 

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Meet - Ruffin

Meet - Eugene

I'm 5ft 10, 170lbs medium build definitely interested in going out and meeting new people and friends.

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Hobbies & Interest: things outdoors, being entertained, going out to dinner

Meet - Robert

Meet - Cal

Meet - Brian

I am 5ft 11, 200lbs interested in going out and meeting new people. 

Meet - Sean

Meet - Stuart

I am 59 6ft tall about 190 lbs. med build. I am interested in meeting lady golfers for fun.

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